a simple sew

It’s been an entire four months since my last post. Who would have guessed the world would turn upside down since then? I haven’t been sewing very much. I haven’t had the strength or inclination. I haven’t even been thinking about sewing lately. And this is a problem, because I need to start sewing my stash. I asked DD1 and DD3 to pore over my box of silks, choose a few lengths for kimonos or robes (dressing gowns) and once they had, the fabric sat on my sewing table for weeks before I washed it (yes, they will wash the garments, so I pre-washed – and in two cases, dried – lengths of silk charmeuse for their robes).

I’ve set small goals for myself: trace or cut out a pattern one day. Make adjustments to it another day. Lay it out on the fabric and, if it’s a good day, cut it out. Sew a few seams another day. I have found that limiting my sewing time to around an hour is best, as I feel energized and happy with work well done. So that’s my modus operandi these days.

But in the meantime, I thought I’d share this quickly-made tee from Simplicity 4076. The fabric is a rayon jersey from EOS which was purchased a few years ago. There’s not much to say. The pattern is a quick make, and I made up my usual size without any alterations.

One little successful sew under my belt is the ticket to more stitching, I think.

back view

10 thoughts on “a simple sew

  1. Lovely tshirt! I especially like that neckline shape, very flattering. I think your smalls steps approach is very precisely right. Listen to yourself is my mantra. Sewing is my refuge and source of energy, so pushing myself would be counterproductive. Sometimes I feel like sewing for 10min, another time for an hour and a half. The key is to listen to what *I* need. Take care of yourself!

  2. Even when I really want to sew, I still cannot sew without regard to other things. Some people have become more productive during this crisis, whether at work or creatively, but that shouldn’t be every person’s goal. It is not healthy. This is my hobby, but If sewing time rolls around and I don’t feel like it, I don’t force it. It’s taking forever to work on the Balmain, but when I do, I get peace and joy. I don’t want my hobby to become a chore. Good luck!

  3. Nice looking T shirt. I like the soft, subtle colours. You are looking well and glad that small bits of sewing each day are working for you.

  4. I’m finding it easier to attack jobs in small instalments too. It takes longer but does keep you productive. The t shirt looks good. Well done – and keep going in small chunks.

  5. The way you describe your future sewing process describes my regular process perfectly. I take my time. I prepare the fabric in one session, fit the pattern and rework in another. I pin and cut in one session then mark and interface (if any) in a separate session. Then I’m ready to make samples of stitches, hems, seam finishes, topstitching etc. Finally, I begin the process and do only a maximum of one-and-a-half hours of sewing at a time. Slow sewing and I just love it! Enjoy!

  6. This is timely as I had been wondering how you are doing. Looks great. Limiting your sewing to small tasks maked perfect sense. I find that also works as a strategy for me although I am kind of an all or nothing person so I find the strategy more difficult to implement. Take care!

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