Cavalli VII: Lining

lining & piping

The day after my last blog post the lining arrived.  Crazy choice, eh?  Ah, well, I guess the coat is a Statement Coat, so I thought I might as well give it Statement Lining.  It’s silk charmeuse from Printed Silks.  I’m always looking for economically priced silks, and while strolling through blog land one day came across a blog post somewhere (this is not helpful, I know) about silk T-shirts.  The writer named Printed Silks as one of his favourite silk jersey sources, and, of course, I had to check them out.

I chose to line the sleeves with ivory bemberg, and pipe the edges of the lining in the same fabric.  I thought the stylized leopard print may compete with the subtler spots of my cuffs, and thought I would play it safe.

collar & cuffs

I haven’t put on any fasteners at this point.  The fabric frays under stress, so I can imaging buttonholes will be a bit of a disaster.  And there was no way a bound buttonhole would be less than 1/4” thick in this fabric, so that option is out of the question.  I could have done snap buttonholes, but the fabric is heavy and an organza facing would not keep it from fraying, anyways. I’m leaning more to the big snaps idea for two reasons:  they will be relatively invisible from the outside, and hence will not interfere with the fabric pattern; and they will be easy to put in. 

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