I have been busy

Honest!  I just haven’t had time to blog about what I’ve been doing.

The first and most important thing to say is that I’ve finally finish my Cavalli inspired coat and actually wore in to a fundraising dinner 2 weeks ago, but I never took any pictures.  So the pictures and the review of it will have to wait until whenever I wear it again.  I honestly didn’t feel like getting all dolled up the next day just to take pictures.  Sorry I’m so lazy!

And then I took DD1 shopping for a new summer wardrobe.  During March break she schlepped around town and the house with me in the most horrible combinations of sweatpants and hoodies that I’ve ever laid eyes on.  “OK, Hannah,” I said. “We’re going to up the ante on your summer wardrobe a bit.  We just can’t have you wandering around Toronto looking like something mismatched and sloppy that the dog dragged in.”  I must say her lack of choice in the wardrobe is my fault.  She wears a uniform to school, and since her extra-curricular activities require other uniforms (dance, football and track), I’ve never really paid much attention to her closet except to make sure she’s got a couple of pairs of jeans, sweaters to wear in the winter and a reasonable choice of “nicer” things to wear to church on Sundays.

So…. we made a deal:  she needs new semi-casual clothes for the summer that look presentable (IMO), and it was her job to decide what she needed/wanted.  Her first task was to make a list of what she thought she needed for summer.  Then out came my collection of Burda magazines with the instructions to “look through them and make a list of the designs you like”.  She chose designs from these three:

Hannah's BS choices

And these three Vogue patterns:

Hannah's V choices

Then we went shopping at Fabricland, since they were having their 50% off member’s sale.  DD1 doesn’t particularly like fabric shopping because the choices are overwhelming, so my instructions to her were simple:  Put the designs out of your head and walk around until you run into a fabric that jumps out, grabs you by the shirt and yells – ‘Pick me!’”  Well, that made it a lot easier in terms of choice, so here’s her little mood board.

Hannah's ideas

And here’s my collection of traced Burda patterns awaiting their turn.

Burda patterns

DD1 is old enough to babysit now, and she volunteered her services in a pinch the other weekend.  When I asked her what she was going to charge me, she was rather confused, so I offered to do a swap:  summer clothes for babysitting.  Smile  “Sure, mom.  I like that idea.”

3 thoughts on “I have been busy

  1. Ugh! I’m having the same issue with my daughter! She’s 11, and up until now, she’s worn uniforms to school. I’ve had 6 blessed years of fight-free mornings. All that changes in September: new school, no uniforms, YIKES!

  2. I’ll bet you are seeing Burda pattern lines in your sleep if you have been tracing patterns out of all those issue. But what fun to sew for your daughter! She picked out some pretty prints. I am looking forward to seeing the sewn garments.


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