Brown Jeans

I made another pair.jalie brown jeansFrom the Jalie pattern again.  And here’s a conundrum perhaps you could help me with:  I cut these in a single layer, very carefully, from the very same pattern as my previous pair, and they were too small.

What’s up with that?!?

So I did my unintentional denim rescue trick again, since I had a good yard of fabric left over, and added a 2-inch wide strip down the outside of each leg.  At least it looks like an intentional design element.   For fun I decided to use hot pink thread in my serger.  You can see it just peeking out at you under the belt loop.copper rivetsApparently this denim-like fabric has less stretch than the cotton-lycra denim I used before.  And I totally love this denim-like fabric from EOS. It’s a cotton-poly-lycra blend with a subtle stripe effect in the weave, and it’s super comfortable.  And I decided to add a few copper rivets for a different look.  Lots of fun pounding fabric and hardware with a hammer!

I cut both the front and the back using the low-rise pattern this time, and it fits very well.  Better than the mix of the two I did for the blue pair.  I’m actually going to see if I can edit that first pair: lower the back rise and place the back pockets differently. jalie brown jeans 2I can totally see myself wearing these to death, not the least because they’re chocolate brown.  Let’s hope the fabric blend withstands hard wear.


12 thoughts on “Brown Jeans

  1. Those are fantastic!! Dressy, but still sassy – love the contrast topstitching 🙂 Isn’t sewing with hardware FUN??? I love it! 😀 Really good reminder about different fabrics having different fit results; I have encountered that even in non-stretch fabrics – it’s amazing how the tiniest bit heavier or lighter can make such a huge difference!

  2. What a beautiful fit! These look really chic and I love the subtle brown. I’ve had the same issue over and over with stretch fabrics–just the difference in fit between a fabric with 10% and one with 20% stretch is pretty big. I keep learning this lesson over and over and finally just started cutting my jeans with big seam allowances just in case. I love your clogs, too!

  3. Great jeans!! And they look killer with purple!

    Yeah, I too have had different results with different fabrics when sewing the same pattern. As others suggest, I’ve just settled on cutting wider outseams in general so I always have extra wiggle room.

  4. I found the same thing sewing up jeans so now I cut the outer seam wider (about 1″ wider) and try on the jeans before I sew on the waistband, that way I can take them into the original stitching line or leave them bigger depending on the fabric.
    Great jeans though!

  5. I have had the same thing happen with different fabrics just like sewruth. The %lycra, fiber content, and fabric weight all effect the outcome. Your brown pair looks great, including your design element 🙂

  6. Tia, I use the same pattern time after time and yet with every different fabric I get a different fit each time. Just something we have to live with I guess. But what a fab pair of really professional looking jeans you’ve made there!


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