vogue 8379

V8379 blue stripe

This is an old make. It dates from 2017, and I confess I have never worn it except to take photos… well, perhaps I wore it once? But I absolutely love the dress, so why haven’t I worn it? I don’t know. I tend to reach for the easy and familiar in my closet which usually doesn’t mean a dress like this. I need to just decide to wear it.

Who hasn’t seen a version of the classic Vogue 8379 pattern?

image patternreview.com

I purchased the fabric specifically for this dress from EOS, at least 10 years ago. It was one of my first purchases from Linda, and one of my first forays into sewing knit or jersey fabrics. This is a printed rayon, and it behaved beautifully while I was working with it: no curling, no stretching out of shape. And despite hanging in my closet for three years, it hasn’t stretched out, either.

V8379 blue stripe skirt movement

The dress is a fabric hog: just over 3 metres of 150cm wide fabric. It’s the skirt, of course, and I don’t begrudge it a centimetre because it moves and hangs beautifully.

V8379 blue stripe back
I love the back of this skirt!

I love the sleeve cuff detail. It isn’t perfect pattern matching, but, if you look at the first photo, you can’t really tell. I actually had to rip these cuffs off, not once, not twice, but three times (!) because I put them on wrong. So much for accurate markings; and by that time, I was so sick of trying to get the cuff on correctly that I couldn’t be bothered matching the patterns perfectly. But I love the split cuff.

Vogue 8379 sleeve detail
split cuff, not perfectly turned or pressed

Some construction notes: I serged the seams for quick and stable construction, and simply turned up the hems and used my knit zig-zag stitch. I love using this stitch for knits, as it is strong and yet has enough give for the stretch in a knit.

Vogue 8379 hem
It looks like a loose sloppy stitch, but the stretch zig-zag stitch works so well!

20 thoughts on “vogue 8379

  1. I have dresses like this in my closet too… gorgeous, but I have to prod my memory to recall they’re there and then choose them! I have a very dress similar to this I made when I first started out… which just like you, I love, but never wear. This is making me want to find it, especially now we’re getting some warmer weather where I am! This is absolutely gorgeous on you, btw, the print is fun but the fit is what makes it next level for me 🙂

  2. I think that a wrap dress is universally flattering! This one had some really nice details and they are beautifully executed! And the fabric choice? Wonderful! Thanks for sharing this!

  3. I think I read that we wear 20% of our wardrobe 80% of the time. I understand how easy it is to reach for the easy comfortable garments (guilty!) but this dress really does deserve to be seen. I hope you enjoy it 😊

  4. That is a beauty! I especially love the colour and it is well made of course. It looks great on you. 🙂

    I had a DvF dress very much like this about fifteen years ago. I went off the style at some point (I think because I felt uncomfortable drawing attention to the bust area) and gave it away. I probably would wear it again now so another reminder to hang onto nice things as the styles/ desire to wear them might come around again!

    I am curious about the stretch zigzag stitch. I don’t think I have a similar one but am going to take a look on my machine for future reference.

      1. Thanks! That’s so interesting as that is exactly the stitch on my machine that I was using for my knits. I tried a small size as I was instructed and it really didn’t work well on my knit polo shirt so I eventually gave up. I am going to try it at a bigger size. Thanks again! I was looking for my manual and couldn’t find it and then forgot to look. Interesting. I learned something very useful.

      2. I always make the stitches as long as possible, as I find the fabric feeds better and doesn’t stretch out. It’s also easier to rip out the longer stitches if that’s ever necessary. I also use them for topstitching on jeans, at their regular 2.5 length setting, if I am using regular thread instead of topstitching thread.

      3. PS Yes I discovered the hard way that ripping out these stitches on knits is time consuming! I tore a hole near the placket of my polo for just that reason. 🙂


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