trendy burdastyle march 2019 outfit

First of all, I apologize for this post publishing without photos! I had intended to save it as a draft, and had not intended it to publish! But that’s okay. I took photos of it today on my ancient dress form so you can have a look. And now on to the original post:

I had to write that title. I am not a very trendy person, rather the opposite. But this was a completely impulsive make, and all within a week. I don’t know why, but this combination of patterns really struck my fancy. It also checks off a lot of the current trends: big sleeves, blousey peasant-style top, high waist, wide legs….

First, the trousers: Burdastyle 03-2019-102.

High-waisted, straight-legged wannabe kinda sorta cargo trousers with big patch pockets. I have been staring at the lightweight loden stretch-cotton fabric since last December, when I had hoped to make trousers? jeans? a jacket? I really couldn’t decide, although I wanted bottoms of some sort. Most of my fabric is neatly stored away out of sight, which isn’t very conducive to inspiration, but I have an excellent fabric stash-pattern memory which serves me relatively well as I look for inspiration. “I have the perfect fabric for that outfit!” sort of thinking. Funnily enough, I have never put this length of fabric away after mulling it over for a couple of months, like I do so many times to so many lengths. I just kept it lying out where I could see it because I was determined to sew up something with it. So here is my new pair of currently trending stylish trousers.

Burdastyle 03-2019-102

I had to add 4 cm to the pattern length. I will not wear wide-legged short trousers, as I think I look short enough. And I prefer the option of rolling up hems to wishing I had more hem to let down.

Burdastyle 03-2019-102 belt with grommets

The fun part was all the hardware for the belt. I added a front fly zip instead of the side zip suggested by Burda.

Burdastyle 03-2019-102 and 103

And a close up of the very deep patch pockets.

Burdastyle 03-2019-102 big patch pockets

I like these. I may make another pair from a drapier, softer fabric in my go-to favourite deep chocolatey brown. Yum!

And now the top: Burdastyle 3-2019-103.

About the fabric: I purchased a Liberty Art Fabric dress by Lord & Taylor a few years ago on clearance. It was missing it’s belt, but I absolutely loved the print (if anyone knows the name of it, please let me know, because I cannot find anything other than “Tropical” in all my sleuthing.) The only place I have found anything remotely close to it was at Shaukut’s website in the UK, and so I purchased this length of silk-cotton voile, but the colourway is different from the dress. After looking at it sitting beside my loden fabric, I decided they looked good together, and, since I wanted something easy to sew that would be a showcase for the fabric, and rescue it from ‘stash sentencing’, I compulsively traced it off and sewed it up.

Burdastyle 03-2019-103 sleeves

I made some changes:

  • raised the CF by 5 cm
  • forward shoulder adjustment 1.5 cm
  • sloped shoulder adjustment 1.5 cm
Burdastyle 03-2019-103 tied

The pattern calls for a belt with carriers. I just cut the belt – a little shorter due to my 1 yard of fabric! – and will wear it around my neck, or as a belt, depending on the day.

Burdastyle 03-2019-103

Have you done any compulsive, impulsive or inexplicable-without-any-forethought sewing lately?


26 thoughts on “trendy burdastyle march 2019 outfit

  1. Fabulous. I’m enjoying those loose fitted tops as it removes the need for most fitting adjustments. I am working on my stash and have recently made up 3 new tops.

  2. Such a cute outfit! I love it and it reminds me of you. The print top is so pretty, but it’s femininity is grounded and made modern with the trouser.

      1. I was so inspired by yours that I checked out the magazine and found a few other things to make too. Yes, I’m copying your outfit, but in different colors…

      2. So, I bought the issue, in French. My french is pretty rusty, even though I lived there! Sewing is sewing though, so that helps. But, I thought that Burda patterns did not come with seam allowances – and I think I translated that the blouse did have them. Did you need to add seam allowances?

      3. Hi, Suzanne! I apologize for the late reply. I confess I didn’t translate anythingfrom the instructions. It seemed so simple a pattern that I traced, cut and sewed! And I did make the assumption that I needed to add seam allowance.

  3. I love your trousers and blouse. I really like the change of putting the zip in the front of the pants. Hope you can post photos of you modeling it sometime.

  4. Fabulous outfit. I made that trouser pattern for Felicity and had to add extra length too. Great top. I been doing quite a bit of spontaneous sewing lately guided by my fabric styash and it is fun. Best for dresses though – much potential for orphans with separates

  5. Nice outfit. The Liberty fabric must be so nice to handle. I splurged on some Tana lawn recently and have to find the perfect blouse pattern.


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