What a Friday!

Hardly any sewing got done the last couple of days, as I’m in the middle of planning two birthday parties!MMJ 10  DD1 is turning 13 later this month, and despite many attempts to get a response around ideas for a party for her, all I got was “meh”.  Now I know 13 is an odd number, but it struck me that there’s really no “rites of passage” in my (4th generation Canadian) heritage, and I really wanted to do something marking her transition to the teenage years.

So I decided to do a surprise party with a sleepover for those friends that could stay.  And today – Me Made June Day 10 – was spent cleaning, cooking, last minute shopping and pretending nothing interesting was happening this evening so it would go off without a hitch.  I could not for the life of me figure out a good alibi to get her out of the house, so had the foresight (stupidity?) to arrange DD3’s 8th birthday party for tomorrow.  In order to get DD1 out of the house, I sent her on a little trip with DH to the store for party favours and (unbeknownst to her) her very own birthday cake.

Outfit: RTW shirt and sweater, and a much-shortened version of the skirt from Vogue 1093.  I loved the first version of the skirt, but the slit went all the way to the wazoo, so I thrifted it.  I purchased the stretch-cotton striped denim from Fabricland in order to re-make it with a less distracting slit, but discovered after pre-treating the fabric that there were several flaws (read holes about 2 cm in diameter) down the centre of my yardage.  I suppose I could have complained, but I’d already washed it.  So I had to very carefully piece this shorter version together.  I don’t regret it, but I will need to make up the longer version at some point.

Activities:  endless errands related to birthday parties (not on the scooter!)  Oh, and the scooter idea was thanks to Claudine over at CoutureArts, who had suggested that every Friday during Me Made June we post photos with a common theme.  Today’s was a method of transportation, and you can see the rest at the Me Made June 2011 Flickr pool.

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