Organza Patch Wins

I’ve been sewing off and on since my last post, mostly because of life and getting ready for fall.  Can you believe that summer is almost over and school begins next Tuesday?  Wow.  My summer flew by, and mostly without much sewing!
I want to thank each of you for your comments on the muslin for the navy gown.  I have decided that I will make the back a mirror image of the front.  After the fitting, a couple of changes were decided:  narrower cuffs, roomier sleeves and a more pronounced boatneck.  I am making another muslin for next week.  But in the meantime, I’m working on the jacket for the suit-on-request, and have spent the last couple of hours playing around with buttonholes.
After trying multiples of what my Vogue Sewing book calls the five-line-patch method, I gave up.  You can see a fabulous and beautiful pictorial of the exact same method posted by Sherry.  I could not – repeat five times – could not – get mine to work.  PERIOD.
So I tried the organza patch method, pictured above over the instructions in the Vogue Sewing book.
Pretty.  And perfect.  And I’m liking the chevrons.

6 thoughts on “Organza Patch Wins

  1. There are a LOT of welt button holes going around the blogosphere lately, and each one I see makes me want to try them more! I LOVE yours; the chevron effect is such a cool detail! I bet they’ll get lots of notice being worn! Bravo, stellar job! 😀

    1. I think it’s the season for coats and jackets which seem to beg for bound buttonholes. It’s nice to have so many pics and tutes to choose from and refer back to when one needs or wants to try a new method!

  2. wow those are so sharp and I love love LOVE the stripe play! I am going to have to sit down and make bound buttons holes one of these days with this technique! I have a jacket that I muslined last month that should really get nice button holes. Do you have an online tutorial with this technique? I don’t have the Vogue book here in Brazil =)

  3. Wow! That does look perfect. I haven’t heard of that method before. It certainly looks like a winner. Even the chevrons are in perfect alignment.


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