silk kimono robe

B2-2012-116 front

I have a goal: to work through as much of Mezzo’s Fabric Store as possible, hopefully using most of the goods for other people, not myself. Here we have the first completed garment that meets the goal! Yay!

My DD3 and DD1 like to lounge about the house in shorts and tanks or crop tops, and, in my opinion, have been sorely in need of ‘grown up’ robes since outgrowing their fuzzy cute childhood versions. Enter the tote full of silks with the instructions to find one or more lengths to their liking, preferably for robes. DD3 chose this gorgeous silk charmeuse. Here’s a closer look.

paisley silk

This is Burda 2-2012-116 again.


I actually sewed this version for DD3 up prior to my linen version. I was so impressed with the fit and simplicity of the design and how little time it took to make (even in fussy, slippery silk charmeuse!) that I had to make one for myself. The pictures do not do this fabric justice. It is a stunning robe in person.

B2-2012-116 back

I have nothing interesting to say about this, except that Burda’s instructions do not include details like a hanging loop at the centre back or belt carriers at the side seams. There are pockets, but I didn’t have enough of this silk, and DD3 didn’t want them, anyway. I left them off my version, too.

B2-2012-116 paisley silk

Here’s to swanning around in silk kimonos instead of schlepping around in scruffy shorts and crop tops!


18 thoughts on “silk kimono robe

  1. That is so elegant – when I grow up I want to wear things like this. Sadly even though I’m chronologically old enough to wear it I’m way too messy/clumsy to be trusted 😉. Well done on making such a gorgeous robe (and daughters tidy enough to be trusted to wear them!)

    1. I don’t know if they’re tidy enough to wear them, but silk can always be laundered, in my experience. At least they look presentable whilst completing their toilettes! 😂

  2. THis is so beautiful! My eldest hangs around in boyfriend’s tees and cropped track pants. Maybe I should show her this robe… stunning work x

      1. So, I’m copying you again (the pjs were a coincidence, but I just downloaded the Kimono robe). Did you cut the neck “strips” on the bias or straight grain?

      2. I cut them on the straight or cross grain… not the bias. I truly didn’t have quite enough fabric for this robe, so the bottom band is left off completely. I just did a 5 cm hem on the bottom of the garment. No bias on these bands! Good heavens! That would be a nightmare to stabilize and sew! lol

  3. That’s really lovely. However my experience with silk charmeuse is that it’s not very practical around buttered toast 😁. Maybe you can improve your around the house sartorial landscape more extensively by producing some easily washable shorts and tank tops from beautiful fabrics? Let me recommend the out of print Elan Grande for super comfy boxer shorts that would probably be adopted with enthusiasm, and could be paired with a stash of ogden camis for instance

    1. I’m hopeful that the paisley pattern will hide any accidents, but DD1 is very fastidious about her clothing. I also washed and dried the silk prior to cutting so that she can launder it like any other garment.

  4. You made me laugh so much as I am twice as old as your daughter and still lounge around in scruffy shorts and a tank top or tee. 🙂

    This is absolutely gorgeous and looks amazing on its recipient. The fabric glows and the kimono looks to be very well-made of course. What amazing hair your daughter has, too, if I may say. Lucky girl to have such a capable and generous mom!

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