frankenpattern top

I love fall. I love all the colours as they change, and the different shades that the changing light provides on the same tree throughout the day. They make me happy!

My top is a mix of Vogue 1412‘s front bodice, the back bodice from Burdastyle 09/2019 #111, and the sleeves from Burdastyle 09/2010 #136. I didn’t know what to do with this fabric, so I draped it around my sewing area on and off for what seems like a good 12 months, trying different ideas, laying out different patterns (not enough fabric), trying to work around a pattern repeat that I ended up completely ignoring, and generally second-guessing myself until I was struck by lightening (or courage), and laid out the pattern for the front bodice and started cutting. I would have preferred to use Vogue 1412’s back bodice, too, but I didn’t have enough fabric and wanted a more fitted back.

Burda 10-2013-140 back

This is the third version of Vogue 1412 that I’ve made. I really like the front neckline, although this iteration, due to the slightly dropped shoulders of the back, and because I didn’t stabilize the shoulder seams, required a shoulder pleat, extending from a dart in the upper back through to a pleat in the front. It’s quite hidden with the busy pattern, but if you look closely, you can see it.

Vogue 1412 frankenpattern top

The fabric is a treat. It has a very fine herringbone weave, which just makes this that much more luxurious.

modal-wool-cashmere challis detail
a modal-wool-cashmere challis

And it goes with so many different items in my wardrobe, just because of all the wonderful colours.

Burdastyle 01-2016-135 jeans
these are not the shoes to wear with jeans

This is probably my fifth pair of Burda 01/2016 #135, the skinny jeans with the interesting seaming details. I have worn this brown pair to the point of the colour fading, so I over-dyed it with Rit in my front loading washing machine and couldn’t be happier with the result. They don’t look faded and yucky! 🙂

Have you ever re-dyed a garment?


13 thoughts on “frankenpattern top

  1. Great print, which really will go with just about everything.
    I haven’t dyed garments but have recently dyed a length of cloth with the Dylon barrel that goes into the machine. I was very pleased with the results.

  2. I have Vogue 1412, but haven’t tried it yet… still not sure what fabric I want. Or is it too many projects? I love your version, especially with the rust pants!

    1. The only caveat about the pattern is that one cannot get away without an FBA if one is required for a good fit, generally speaking. There’s no extra wiggle room in the front, even with the shoulder gathers and the pleat. A word to the wise! I didn’t do a muslin of my first two versions, and should have……

  3. Fabulous! I have my first ever wool challis top, and it is pure heaven, so I feel your joy! I’ve not dyed anything, but that is an excellent idea, especially for some white tees that are not so white anymore. I’ve got to try this!

  4. Oooh, the fabric looks heavenly. I love me a blouse in a colorful print that goes with multiple bottoms. Huge closet extender. As for dyeing, nope, i’m actually a bit afraid of the mess, plus the uncertainty about the final color… but never say never, right?

  5. What a cool blouse!!! Goes with most colors of pants and skirts too! I have never overdyed anything but one year I dyed sheets burnt orange and my husband and I went to a Halloween party as Hari Krishnas back in 1972.

    1. I’ve tried my hand at dyeing a few things… nothing as dear to my heart as these jeans, though. This success has taken a bit of the fear factor away.


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