LATH Wardrobe: Burda 7/2014 #114 Colour Blocked Tee

colour blocked topYeah.  This sort of top isn’t really my style, but I had just that right amount of fabric left over and thought I’d give it a try.114_072014_b_largeIt’s a nice idea, but I think I over-thought this top.  After tracing the pattern, I decided it needed an FBA to keep the deep V neckline from pulling askew.  And that wonked up the fit through the sides.  But let’s be honest here.  This is a schlep-around-the-house (notice I didn’t say lounge-around-the-house) because it just is… well.. it’s a bit too sporty or yoga-ish or yay-team looking for me.  I feel like I need to be 20 years younger with my hair in a perky pony tail, so I really didn’t care to tweak it more than what was necessary to keep it from looking like the definitive visual definition of ill-fitting.  Here’s the back.Burda 7-2014-114 backNo, I did not do a sway back adjustment.  Yes, I took out a good inch down that CB seam.  Yes, I really do have a narrow short back when I choose to stand up straight with my shoulders thrown back where they belong.  But the colour-blocking is nice, isn’t it?  I’m really liking it from the back, especially with the contrast fold-over waistband on the pants in this photo.

The only part of this top that really made me take my time was the contrast neck band.  That CF point needs to be perfect, y’know.  I didn’t interface the neck band, but I did fuse a mid-weight piece of interfacing over the bottom point of the neck.  Burda doesn’t tell you to reinforce it further by stitching along the seamlines before clipping the seam allowance to the point à la Vogue instructions, but I did it anyways.  The last thing I wanted was the point to pull or rip out of shape.  BTW, it’s really annoying that Burda doesn’t ever give the “stitch along seamlines in small stitches, pivoting at CF” instructions for reinforcing points and corners.  Do they seriously think only interfacing will keep a clipped reverse corner in shape?neck band pointAnyways, here’s the inside of the neck band CF point.  I really like it when I do something properly.interiorPerfect for housework, no? Or finishing up that wall plastering. Oh. Wait. That’s a job for DH. I’ll just do the clean up. After I run around the block in my sporty new yay-team top.

colour block home wear


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